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10 Common Elements of a WWCA Affiliate Leader

1.     A WWCA leader never misses a day posting their WCA ads.

2.     A WWCA leader logs and charts their daily growth.

3.     A WWCA leader spends time studying their WCA business and studying their back-office.  A WWCA leader never misses a conference call or training calls about WCA.

4.     A WWCA leader checks and reads their e-mails several times a day and acknowledges receipts of same. They will forward important e-mails to their down line and other key WCA Affiliates.

5.     A WWCA leader calls their personal enrollees every other day. A WWCA leader will offer their help and assistance to their personal enrollees and they NEVER depend on others to do their work for them.

6.      A WWCA leader is working with three (3) personally enrolled WCA Affiliates at all times to ensure that these three (3) WCA Affiliates are duplicating them by working with three (3) personally enrolled WCA Affiliates at all times.

7.     A WWCA leader has a ‘contact notebook’ that they carry with them each and every day and they are constantly adding new names of contacts. They make an effort to meet someone new each and every day to share their WCA story. They will hand out or mail 3-6 business cards or DVD’s  each and every day to new prospects.

8.     A WWCA leader is using and playing with their ‘Financial Calculator’ on a regular basis so as to get very knowledgeable with compounding.

9.     A WWCA leader has a written and outlined plan of the level of success they want to achieve in WCA and they review it every day. ( Most WCA leaders are sharing this outline with their family on a weekly schedule.)

10.             A WWCA leader has a “Vision Board” posted in their home or office with pictures of their dreams and goals.  WWCA leaders look at their vision board each and every day and most days several times a day.

How to become a WWCA Leader 2012

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